“The ultimate Great Barrier Reef Experience” - Trip Advisor

Welcome to Abc Scuba Diving and Accommodation

 Great Barrier Reef 

Port Douglas Queensland Australia

Abc is the only 5-Star FACEBOOK Rated Scuba school and private dive guide business teaching and taking divers to the outer Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas

Abc Scuba Dive & Accommodation Port Douglas

Abc Scuba Diving & Accommodation a small very personal boutique business. The birth of 'The Port Douglas Dive Guide - Jay Wink'  has evolved from my many years of working on the local dive boats from Port Douglas which has given me the hands on experience and knowledge of what clients of all ages will enjoy when involved in a personally tailored outer Barrier Reef Experience.  Over the past 18 months,  I have  been in a position to offer just that, but complemented by the Jay Wink twist of personalised ‘PROFESSIONAL underwater photography' to record these very special individual memories for my clients. This makes my service a unique outer Great Barrier Reef experience

“"Best dive guide and diving service in Port Douglas” Trip Advisor

Abc Scuba Dive Port Douglas Dive Guide Jay Wink

Scuba Dive courses are flexible and designed to accommodate your lifestyle not a dive schools fixed schedule. Dive Courses and Privately Guided Dive Days are for both beginner and experienced divers and snorkellers these days are run on one-on-one basis, or just your chosen friends group or family

When you book to dive with Abc you get myself, Jay Wink, 'The Port Douglas Dive Guide' as your highly experienced private professional PADI Scuba Dive Instructor and PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED  PHOTOGRAPHER, opening the wonders of the underwater world for your enrichment. 

“Phenomenal dive experience with Jay” - Trip Advisor

Abc Scuba Dive Port Douglas Dive Guide Jay Wink

My dive days are so much more than the dives themselves. You may find dive guides who cost a little less, but in simple terms you get much less!  The little you may save will cause you to miss out on the individual aspect of finding underwater miracles under the guidance of one who has spent years honing the ability to observe the interactions of the underwater creatures with their spectacular environment. I am also extremely aware of each client's needs and abilities.  A well planned diving day with Jay Wink and Abc entails around 16 hours of work for myself with pre and post dive day client interaction, photographic processing, equipment preparation and general care of all equipment.


FANTASTIC 'THE Port Douglas Dive Guide' FOR SURE!” - Trip Advisor

Great family days Snorkelling and or Diving on the outer Barrier Reef begineers or experienced divers

Great Barrier Reef Port Douglas a stunning way to enjoy a amazing family day

“Thanks a lot for making our diving experience memorable :)” Trip Advisor

Abc Scuba Dive Port Douglas Dive Guide Jay Wink

Port Douglas Dive Guide Jay Wink

Guided scuba diving for beginners or experienced divers PADI Digital Underwater Photography be taught by a photographer 

              “An experience out of this World”  Trip Advisor 

Abc Scuba Dive Port Douglas Dive Guide Jay Wink

Port Douglas Dive Guide for amazing dive days Your own private Great Barrier Reef scuba dive guide, professional photographer and PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Jay Wink  

Abc Scuba Dive Port Douglas Dive Guide Jay Wink

Great Family Snorkel and First time scuba dive adventure days, Open Water Dive Course, Advanced Open Water,  Complimentary Scuba Refreshers 

“Amazing First Time Experience” - Trip Advisor

The Port Douglas Dive Guide Jay Wink

   "PADI Digital underwater Photography course taught by a PHOTOGRAPHER”

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